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Foto Profile Artis Indonesia Febriyanie Ferdzilla ( Feya )

Febriyanie Ferdzilla Profile :

Full Name: Febriyanie Ferdzilla Hendrik
Nick Name: Feya
Activities: Actress, Student
Place of birth: Jakarta, February 25, 1992
Film: Jenglot Pantai Selatan, 13 cara memanggil setan
Favorite music: Akon, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Akon

Febriyanie Ferdzilla
 18-year-old girl, is a new artist who played in the film claim Rizal Mantovani, 'Jenglot Pantai Selatan'. Febriyanie Ferdzilla already a star in some commercials and two wide-screen movie titles, 13 cara memanggil setan and Jenglot Pantai Selatan.

Febriyanie Ferdzilla Pictures Collections:
Febriyanie Ferdzilla

Febriyanie Ferdzilla

Febriyanie Ferdzilla

Febriyanie Ferdzilla

Febriyanie Ferdzilla

Febriyanie Ferdzilla, the Mysterious Beauty

Role in movies is a pride for every artist. So also is experienced by pretty newcomer artistFebriyanie Ferdzilla. But unfortunately, the beauty who played in the film 'South Coast Jenglot' it must play a mysterious figure.

In the film, Febriyanie Ferdzilla, greeting familiar, which is acting as Nining Sawarna residents around the beach, Banten. The beach has a strange creature called the watchman Jenglot. Nining apparently still has a relationship with a local family who is a caretaker, Mas Yono.

"I often vacation to the beach, met the same guys genk Wichita and Debby, but not created equal Jenglot dead. Anyway it all a mystery, "she said

Role in a horror film as a mysterious figure who is recognized to provide many new experiences. Febriyanie Ferdzilla reveals, for the first time that she shot and stay in the reputedly very haunted place. During filming, she says, many crew and cast maid possessed.

"Maybe because there is a pee careless or slovenly way, they become distracted, finally (watchman) angry," said 18-year virgin innocent.

In the film claim that Rizal Mantovani, virgin 18-year look pretty sexy with bikini in one scene. 'Jenglot Pantai Selatan' was scheduled for release in theaters on February 17.

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